Forms of the legal aid provided
Kancelaria Radców Prawnych VIS LEGIS s.c. [Legal Advisors VIS LEGIS, a civil partnership] is run by Ms Grażyna Marek and Ms Elżbieta Sałasznik, all of whom have had many years' worth of experience in the professional field. The Law Office is able to provide legal aid to businesses on the basis of a long-term contract or on a one-off basis. Such aid may consist in:
  • Drafting of contracts, agreements, deeds, letters and legal acts,
  • Debt recovery, including:
    • conciliatory proceedings, in particular negotiations aimed
      to prepare and make an arrangement in writing or in the form of a notarial deed,
    • steps designed to recover a debt without recourse
      to execution proceedings,
    • representation in proceedings at law and conciliation procedures,
    • execution representation in enforcement proceedings
      and active participation in such proceedings (administration
      of properties, participation in auctions),
  • Representation in proceedings before courts and offices,
  • Provision of legal advice,
  • Drafting of legal opinions,
The Law Office assists its Clients with forming new business entities (civil partnerships, registered partnerships, limited liability companies, joint stock companies, limited partnerships, associations, foundations, cooperatives), their transformation, demerger or merger.
Legal aid is provided as requested by the Client:
  • at the Law Office's registered office,
  • at the Client's registered office or at a place designated by the Client,
  • over the phone or by fax,
  • via the Internet.
The Law Office cooperates with notaries public, interpreters and translators.
The exact scope of services provided to our Clients is each time matched with their individual needs.

VIS LEGIS, Aleja Armii Krajowej 10/6, 50-541 Wrocław, Poland, e-mail: kancelaria@vislegis.com.pl
This website has been designed purely for informational purposes and as such it does not constitute an advertisement
of the activities conducted by the Law Office